The intermediate of Computer Science (ICS) program provides general education in Computer Science and software Development. Computers have revolutionized the way we live today. Our goal is to create such professional as are competent to accomplish the tasks assigned in the field of computer science. We offer the following subjects:


– To provide a strong basis for higher scientific education

– To prepare and give exposure to the students for their professional career in basic sciences

– To provide a balanced science programme for those who could not continue their education in a formal system

– To promote the student understanding of scientific concepts and terminologies

– To develop the scientific attitude, interest, understanding, and experience in such a way that the learners’ desire is satisfied, prepare and develop the students for professional and technological pursuits

Intermediate ICS (Part-I & Part-II)

Compulsory Subjects

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Islamic Studies
  • Pakistan Studies

Elective Subjects

Students can opt any one of the following combinations.

  • Phy-Math-Comp Science
  • Stat-Math-Comp Science
  • Stat-Eco-Comp Science


The duration of the program is two years. The BISE conducts terminal examination for 1st year and 2nd year separately.