Textile design includes patterns, weaves, knits, embroideries, embellishments, motifs, color, materials and fashion trends. The process from the raw material till the finished product. Fiber, yarn and finishes are key elements to consider during textile design procedure.

Textile designers use different methods of dying, weaving or printing to create their designs. Methods include block printing, screen printing, roller printing, mix medium textures, and dying of fabric. Forecasting design trends, colors, patterns, fabric production, surface embellishment are basic jobs of a textile designer.


3 Months Basic Level (Certificate)

6 Months Beginner’s Level (Certificate)

1 Year Advance Level (Diploma)

2 Years Professional Level (Diploma)

Textile & Fashion Designing

Sr# Course Duration
1 Diploma in Textile Designing 6 Months
2 Diploma in Fashion Dress Designing (Women’s Wear) 6 Months
3 Diploma in Interior Designing 6 Months
4 Diploma in Graphic Designing 6 Months
5 Certificate in Textile Designing 3 Months
6 Certificate in Fashion Dress Designing 3 Months
7 Certificate in Interior Designing 3 Months
8 Certificate in Drawing & Sketching 3 Months